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Feb. 6, 2016 Gerdine, Becky Maryanne and family


We arranged with a family beforehand that we'd come with the and see how laundry is done. The family was waiting for us when we arrived, they had remembered we were coming. The children were sent by some ladies to get some buckets and 2 girls went to get water from the public well. We went to an area that had a big piece of hard plastic that lying on a big tractor tire. One girl first made all the clothes wet in one bucket and transferred them to another bucket. Another girl put soap in this bucket and made the water soapy. Then she took out the clothes one by one, laid them on the plastic and brushed them with a brush. Clothes with stains were treated with bleach and put aside to soak for a couple of minutes. Fragile clothes were kneaded together with soap and not brushed. In between someone had gotten 2 more buckets of water. One was to rinse off the soap. Then the second one to rinse again. The wet clothes were put in another bucket again and hung up at the washing line.


I've seen people washing at a nearby stream too


There were no men present at all suggesting that laundry is women's work.


Maryanne talking about doing laundry
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oke fəst mipla ɡo pulapim wara kam kapsaⁱtim insaⁱt lo bakɛt sɛrim wara biloŋ raᵘsim dəti lo rins na mipla fəst mipla wasim dəti bihaⁱn mipla putim ɡo lo sop wara mipla brasim ol klots pinis sampla blo blits ja mipla blitsim ol pinis mipla putim go lo rins wara mipla rinsim rinsim sop raᵘsim mipla ɡo lo klin wara mipla rinsim naᵘ mipla ɡo haŋgamapim lo laⁱn ɛm tʃol

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How dirty do people let their clothes get before washing? CLAHubDev Jan. 22, 2022, 1:06 a.m. Pretty dirty :), but they do take more care to not get them so dirty in the first place compared to us.