Explanation of CLAHub features

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This area is for describing the Culture Event (CE) in general. The description field should contain objective information (no interpretation, guesses, musings or language learner POV) about the CE.Your team should work together to build a complete page for each CE. The intention of CLAHub is that pages become a snapshot of the team's best information on any given CE. That means there will be a single 'Harvesting Sago' CE that team members add information to over time. There shouldn't be 'Team member A goes fishing' and 'Team member B goes fishing' CEs, but rather if team member A creates a Fishing CE, team member B should build on it.

     Language learning will require that both team member A and team member B both have personalised
     notes elsewhere. For instance team member A might be working on learning basic vocabulary,
      but Team member B is further along and is working on learning something else. CLAHub isn't 
      designed to file those notes and they should be kept separately by each language learner so
      they can learn as productively as possible

      The description field is unique in CLAHub in that it will automatically create cross
      references between CEs by simply reading the text. All you need to do to create a link
      to anther CE is to type it's title. <a href="example-ce">Example CE</a> for example.


Multiple team members will be contributing to each CE and team members willparticipate in CEs multiple times. The description field allows the team to writea generalized description of the CE, while the variations field allows team membersto include information about times the CE deviated from the regular pattern, or toadd specific information from their participation


Typically a CE has much more going on than what can be documented on a surface level. This field is a place where you can write up implicit information about a CE. As a language learner you're likely to guess wrong at times and interpret CEs incorrectly, this is why the deescription is to remain objective. This field allows the team to dig deeper, while keeping objective facts separate from the team's understanding of a culture's worldview